Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of Summer

So I have two weeks left at Blue Rill where I work and I'm really sad to let it end. My birthday happens to be September first and I think I may be the only person who actually hates my birthday date. Nobody is ever around because people are doing last minute vacations before school and summers already over. I am celebrating my birthday this week so that I can do it with everyone.
Reasons why I'm sad for summer to end mainly:
1. my best friend melissa is leaving for college. I know shes really excited about going but I'm really sad. We got so close this year seeing her at least once every weekend and now its going from everyday to nothing. It's going to be really hard to say goodbye especially since she wont be home until November.
2. College. Who even knows where they want to go? If you ask my parents everyone already knows where they want to go. I'm so scared that I am going to have to start filling out applications soon. In fact I promised myself that I would start working on it during the summer but it hasnt happened yet. I know that I will be so nervous next year to leave especially since I have lived in the same place my entire life and now it will be a really big change. My main decision I need to make is whether I will be living the city life or the usual college campus. I'm honestly split down the middle and I have no idea. Every adult that I meet asks me where I want to go and I just always say I don't know. This is so frustrating.
3. I love Blue Rill where I work. I have a whole set of friends her and style of how i socialize then school. Sure there are problems and drama just like high school but I like it more. My school is filled with people I have known since I was 5 and that we know everyone its horrible. In that sense I cant wait to graduate just to get away from these people.
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